Questions To Ask A Porta-Potty Rental Service


If you intend on hosting an outdoor event, you need bathrooms for those in attendance. Renting porta-potties is an option to consider. Here are some questions to ask prospective porta-potty rental services in your area to help you decide which company best suits your needs.

Are Units Replaced If You Need A Long-Term Rental?

If your event is to span over several days or weeks, porta-potties will need to be replaced with new ones to ensure guests have usable units at all times. When you contact a porta-potty rental service, make sure to find out what their policy is regarding the swapping of units. Some companies will show up to your site to clean the existing units while they are in place, while other businesses will bring new units and take old ones away. If your event has downtime where guests will not need to use the bathrooms, the first option is doable. If guests are to be onsite at all times, it is best to have units replaced if possible.

What Amenities Are Available With Bathroom Rentals?

Porta-potties come in all styles, from simple toilets to full-sized bathrooms with running water and electricity. The price for your rental is dependent upon the upgrades you request. Not all services have all amenities available with their bathroom rentals, so it is important to inquire about the features you prefer before you sign a contract. If water is a concern, standalone sink units may be available to rent in addition to bathroom units. If you prefer that your guests have all the bells and whistles, such as for a corporate event or wedding, ask for complete bathroom rental units over individual toilets

Where Should Porta-Potties Be Positioned?

Before your bathroom units are brought to your location to be set up, it is wise to inquire about what steps are necessary to keep each one upright and safe. Most rental services will utilize an area with flat land away from electrical lines or water sources. Scout out a proper location beforehand so you are not caught at the last minute trying to find a spot that works well. Smaller units may be staked to the ground to keep them from tipping. Make sure the dirt in the area you select is not too hard so that the stakes work properly. If you are unsure about where to set up the bathroom units, ask the service for assistance.

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28 March 2023

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