3 Portable Toilet Mistakes To Avoid


You can use portable toilets at various locations and events, such as construction sites, movie sets, bicycle races or marathons, campgrounds, weddings, disaster clean-ups, concerts, and parties or barbecues. 

The facilities offer convenience as they don't require water for flashing, which is ideal for places without water. Also, the toilets can serve many people, including individuals with disabilities. The porta potties are mobile, so they can be placed far from where people are gathered to prevent irritation from foul smells.

You may not know how to use these facilities properly if it's your first time renting them. Here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Renting the Wrong Type of Facility

When renting porta potties, you need to consider the type of event or place you will use them. You can order standard units for typical events like camping, family parties, or barbecues. However, if you have affluent guests or are hosting an up-scale event, such as a bow-tie party or a high-fashion modeling gig, you will need luxury toilet trailers. 

The luxury toilets come with climate control features that regulate temperature and humidity. Hence, your guests will feel comfortable on a hot, cold, or humid day. The toilets are also customizable, so you can talk to the rental company about the add-ons you want. These add-ons include LED lighting, mirrors, and hand washing stations. 

Ordering Inadequate Toilets

One of the worst mistakes you can make is ordering fewer toilet units. You may have underestimated the number of guests you expected, or you didn't do enough research about your event's toilet requirements. You need to consider the number of people you expect at your occasion and how long they will stay. While there are no fixed formulae for knowing how many toilet units you need for particular events, porta potty professionals recommend a few units for 100 people. 

The longer your guests stay, the more units you will need. Also, if the attendees drink alcohol at the event, you may have to order more toilets. This precaution is because alcohol is a diuretic, making people go to the toilets more. You wouldn't want your guests waiting in line every time they are going for a short mother nature call.

Not Providing Hand Sanitizer

Whether hosting a concert with thousands of people or a camping event with dozens of guests, you should provide hand sanitizer. This gesture is a sign of courtesy and promotes proper hygiene. If your guests touch their food without sanitizing their hands after using the toilet, they may contract infections that can cause symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps.

For more information about porta potty rentals, contact a local company. 


14 September 2022

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