Construction Site Restroom Hire: How To Achieve Proper Hygiene


Construction sites are busy places with a flurry of activities taking place. As a project manager, you must ensure all essential facilities are available to boost productivity. One of the most critical facilities on any construction site is a restroom. If it's located far off,workers may be forced to relieve themselves near the construction site, which poses a significant health risk. You can avoid this problem by hiring portable construction toilets and positioning them within the area.

What can you do to ensure the highest hygienic standards? Well, read on and learn more.

Portable restrooms on construction sites are necessary when toilet facilities are inadequate. Therefore, it's important to ensure there are adequate bathrooms on site, which is also a legal requirement, according to OSHA's occupational health regulations.

There are rules about how many people you can have on site per toilet, and you must also provide separate restroom facilities for male and female workers. Furthermore, there must be adequate toilet paper rolls, enough soap, and washing stations to counter cross-contamination and bacterial infections. That's crucial, keeping in mind that construction workers will be taking their meals on-site, where potentially harmful substances may pose a health risk.

Ensuring the highest hygienic standards for the portable toilets on your construction site involves several things, including these four crucial steps:

Waste Evacuation

The first step is removing any waste collected in holding tanks. Your toilet rental company can achieve this by inserting a vacuum hose into the portable toilet to pump it out. The collected waste is removed from the construction site to the appropriate sewage treatment plant.

Cleaning the Portable Units

The mobile toilets require regular cleaning, which involves adding odor control substances and disinfectants. Since restrooms are busy places, special consideration should be given to interior walls and any other contact points within the units to counter bacteria and germs.

Restocking Toilet Supplies

It can be quite frustrating for workers to visit the portable toilets only to find depleted toilet paper. Knowing this in advance, always ensure the availability of two or more toilet paper rolls in each unit. Consider restocking other essential supplies, including hand sanitizers, paper towels, and soap where applicable.

Final Thoughts

Proper sanitation in construction restrooms is a requirement by law and is vital in keeping your workers safe and healthy. Consider the steps highlighted above to ensure portable toilets on your construction site adhere to safety regulations and high sanitary standards.


1 February 2021

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