Tips for Renting Dumpsters and Handling Construction Cleanup


You need the right equipment when you have a construction site that you need to clear out. Dumpsters expedite the worksite clean up. Read on to learn more about using dumpsters with your construction cleaning projects.

1. Assess the scene and plan out your construction removal project

A good clean up begins with proper planning. Measure out how much square footage do you need to clear out and separate larger and smaller items from each other. Hire some professionals early in the process that can map out your cleanup project. A construction manager may charge $3,236–48,019. This professional would help you create a timetable for the cleanup by breaking up the cleaning project into components so that it is speedy and effective.

2. Rent enough dumpsters to handle the load

In addition to planning out the project, you will also improve your project when you rent commercial dumpsters. These dumpsters span as large as 30 feet or more and will make your construction clean up far simpler. Speak to a few dumpster contractors that can provide whatever kind of equipment will serve your project. Dumpster rentals will cost you about a few hundred dollars in most cases. Assess your construction debris so you know how many dumpsters you need to rent. Make sure the rental contract states when the dumpsters will be picked up and dropped off. 

3. Work with a construction cleanup company that can fill and load your dumpsters expediently

Research some construction cleanup professionals that can clear out your site. These professionals will account for a large portion of your cleanup budget. Professional cleanup service will charge you based on the scope of the project and your property's dimensions.

These professionals will then pair you with the workers who can clean out your site. Since they're licensed contractors, you'll have the benefit of knowing that your construction site cleanup is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance. They will use all of the approved personal protective equipment (PPE) and will keep your dumpsters and site free of chemicals and other hazards. They'll also tape off the perimeter of the cleanup or add temporary fencing so that no one can wander onto the property. Construction removal professionals will also help you get licenses and permits for the cleanup. 

Use the tips in this article so that you can get the dumpsters and construction site cleanup that you need. 


23 July 2020

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