What You Need To Know About Roll-Off Dumpsters


Roll-off dumpsters and roll-off dumpster services may be something the average person rarely, if ever, thinks about. It is something most people think of as something only small businesses and restaurants utilize. However, there are many reasons to consider roll-off dumpsters, and many more things you should know before you choose roll-off dumpster services that might not meet your needs.

Types of Projects or Businesses that Benefit from Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters are highly versatile and come in a variety of sizes. Some are suitable for household garbage and waste, especially for small housing or apartment communities.

There are also some units designed for restaurant and food waste as well as larger units designed for construction, demolition, or cleanout projects. Some people even use roll-off dumpsters for landscaping waste and yard debris cleanup. Some have lids, mostly the ones that are smaller in size, while others are open so you can throw construction or yard debris into the container easily.

Restrictions for Roll-Off Dumpsters

All roll-off dumpster services have different restrictions related to materials that can be placed in their dumpsters. Many of these restrictions are ruled by local, state, or federal laws — though some are related to the ease of getting rid of the debris once they accept it.

There are often harsh penalties for violating these regulations — especially those governed by EPA. It is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the policies of the service you choose for roll-off dumpsters prior to throwing questionable materials into your dumpster.

Understand Penalties and Fees

Another thing you need to understand when exploring your options for roll-off dumpster services is the table each company has for penalties and fees, and how likely they are to affect you. There are many reasons these companies impose penalties. You need to understand these so you can avoid them. Or, so you can only pay the penalties you are willing to pay while avoiding penalties for things like:

  • Late fees for keeping roll-off dumpsters beyond the original return date.
  • Penalties for placing restricted items in dumpsters.
  • Over-the-limit fees for placing too much weight in the dumpsters.

While all roll-off dumpster services are different, most roll-off dumpsters themselves are quite similar. The one thing that sets one apart from the other is the service that makes them effective tools for you or your business. Whether you're embarking on a home construction project, operating a restaurant, or even seeking a dumpster for household waste, the right service makes all the difference in the world.

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20 May 2020

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